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Social values

New Zealanders are open and welcoming and are happy to give everyone a chance. They will judge you on your actions rather than your background. In many respects their social values are similar to other western nations. They appreciate good manners, don’t like queue bargers and like it when you hold a door open for others.

Kiwis are loved for their relaxed, laid back attitude and this is reflected in everyday life. They will gladly judge you on your achievements and merits rather than your history and breeding. Kiwis do not warm to those who feel the need to boast or glorify their achievements. They prefer to uphold the values of modesty and understatement instead.

These characteristics can also be found in abundance in the work environment. Kiwis are very flexible in the way they carry out their jobs and job deions may seem less restrictive or defined. New Zealanders don’t like to stand on ceremony and you will find that people very rarely use people’s titles and nearly always refer to colleagues and clients by their first names.

Kiwis value strength and determination and don’t like a ‘whinger’. This belief in "getting in and getting the job done" is paramount in the work environment. Nobody is considered too senior to avoid getting their hands dirty should the task require it. Kiwis may work hard but they also believe passionately in the value of leisure time. Many people are involved in family, community and sporting activities outside of work and the majority of employers will look to strike a good balance between work and leisure to ensure the continued happiness and well being of their workforce.

This makes New Zealand a refreshing place to embark on a new chapter in your life. Seize the opportunity with both hands and you will reap the rewards of what this country has to offer.